Un Pograma de Apoyo para el Area de Chapala, Jalisco

Be a part of a disruptive model of learning for our local children in the Lakeside Area that builds skill sets that empower them with more opportunities for economic and social success.

Our mission is to provide economic and social opportunities by making available the development of lifelong learning and thinking skills to these children through advanced level e-learning programs supported by highly skilled professional tutors...

$100 sponsors a child for one month
$200 sponsors two children for one month
$1200 sponsors a child for a year

Please call us or Whatsapp to participate. 33 3319 7610 

Your computer, tablet or phone will help a child to attend online elearning. We will make it faster installing Linux OS and improving memory if needed.

If you have the skill-set you can help us upgrading and getting the laptops children ready.

Please call us or Whatsapp to participate. 33 3319 7610